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Harvey_Emelia_Final Track Emelia Harvey (AKA) MillyMula
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                     This track was super fun to make and also a challenge at the same time. I played around with beats before but learning how bass and harmony are connected as well as the drums was a crucial lesson. The style that mostly influences me in almost all my music would be Kid Cudi. My genre is a cross between rock/hiphop/and pop.I really like synth sounds. They make a song sound fuller. The music sonically has a great switch and vibes change quickly.The chords and synths function to make the aura of the song get more intense as well as the simple back beat. 

                      The rhythm overall was something that started out as not so much myself. I believe the second switch really resonated with me and my vision for the song. I kept the tempo and meter simple. Tempo was 120 and meter was 4/4. But the switch in the bass was dramatic because it wasn't done as well in the first bit. I really appreciate the knowledge ive gained behind bass because it really pulls a song together if done correctly. 

                      My song is in the key of A minor. I used quite a bit of chords.  In the first section I used chords G | Am| Asus|Bdim. In the second section of the song I used Am|G |  | B dim | Dm| Csus4 . The melodic shape of my first section is a motif the second is a rising melodic shape. And the sounds I used where all synths. For the harmony it was pad and for melody it was lead. 

                      Audio Tracks were easy because I used a channel eq and a reverb as well as delay and waves. The first section is called  A mile to run The second one is called King Kong on a Record. 

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